JY 2017: At The Magical Land Of Deoria

If you have been a part of Jagriti Yatra, you would have heard the name “Deoria” a hundred times. Various sessions, workshops and inspirational talks have always had this name being mentioned as an example of “building the nation through enterprise.” Deoria is one of the most awaited destinations for a yatri and the team. It marks the beginning of the very first JY district project and thus, is special for the entire team. Mr Shashank Mani, the chairman of Jagriti with his noble vision started building Deoriya from the very scratch. A village that lacked basic amenities like toilet,  sanitation and electricity was now a part of one transformational revolution.
Finally, on the 11th day of the JY 2018 rail journey, yatris headed to this beautiful district of Deoria and spent a night at Barpar village. The day started pretty early with freezing temperature being a distraction but yet not hampering the spirit. Tours to nearby villages were organised wherein yatris were divided into several groups to conduct their market research for Biz Gyan Project. Each group was assigned a specific vertical for the on-ground analysis that made them interact with locals, children, authorities etc. The insights later helped the groups prepare for their BGT presentation with a realistic approach that was scheduled to happen at the end of the day.
After a healthy meal, yatris visited Jagriti Enterprise Centre-Purvanchal (JECP) an upcoming Jagriti centre with multiples facilities like co-working space, digital library, innovation centre, etc. Post this activity, preparations for the BGT presentation were observed in full swing. The evening felt energetic having a sense of competitive spirit as yatris stood to compete against each other for the best BGT project title. Ideas on various enterprise verticals like water, sanitation, technology, education, manufacturing, health, etc were presented in innovative ways and a cheerful night followed thereafter.
This visit to Deoria certainly encouraged budding entrepreneurs and enterprise builders to contribute towards the growth and development of middle India; the real India.
Author credits: Pooja Akula, ERC 2017