Schneider Electric-Jagriti Yatra’s Support Partner in Conserving Energy

Today, we are all on a journey carving our routes through the thick and thin of social norms. We are approaching the end of 2017 and have been talking about CHANGE. Change that facilitates growth, development, and progress. The undeniable idea of which has led to inventiveness along with contributions, the core of which has risen spirits and the desire for which has changed a number of lives, all for positive.

One such initiative of “Building India through Enterprise” found its roots in the year 1997 in the name of Azad Bharat Rail Yatra, further having the name changed to Jagriti Yatra, a program set up under Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, a non-profit charitable organisation headquartered in Mumbai. The 15 days journey on rail stretched through diverse territories commencing with the sole goal of meeting a country of small towns and villages, India. Getting on this journey needed you to enlighten your spark. It promised to inspire, teach, build and discover India by making a change in the lesser known places. It strived to improve the quality of lifestyle in a stagnant environment, making an impact. The successful program continued to contribute for years and is once again ready to embark its 10th edition inaugurating on the 24th of December, 2017.

In a time like today that’s all about partnership, Jagriti Yatra proudly associates itself with leading companies and brands that are undertaking exceptional deeds for sustainable development. One such enterprise that makes its mark prominently is Schneider Electric who with their ambition of providing sustainable energy in the remotest corners of India are striving to attain the goal by combining innovative technologies and business models, investment and training. Schneider believes that the requirement and availability of energy is the very right of all and thus commit to producing energy efficient products along with access to clean energy.

In the 10th edition, Jagriti Yatra and Schneider Electric shake hands with a purpose of eradicating energy scarcity and implementing solutions that are sustainable in nature. The sharing of responsibilities like creating solutions, providing effective, sustainable technologies, and ensuring suitable economic conditions for the availability of the energy is now the common goal. Jagriti Yatra will contribute to Schneider’s noble initiative called “Access to Energy,” which is a programme that facilitates access to lightning and communications for 50 million inhabitants by 2025.

Acess to Energy Program

Yatris, the future leaders of our nation will be encouraged and motivated to apply for any of the below-defined areas depending on their interest and preferences:

  • Innovation – Ideas for energy generation by using renewable sources or other non-polluting methods
  • Energy program implementation and sustainability – Defining better ways to overcome the challenges and improving sustainability quotient of the program
  • Energy Education – Imparting training, or skill development programs

Jagriti Yatra and Schneider Electric together wish to promote skill development, increase employment and provide universal access to energy in the coming 15 years.