Women empowerment at Jagriti Yatra

Women empowerment and Jagriti yatra


At Jagriti, we want to inspire a new generation of young women to become equal partners in Building India through Enterprise. Women, as we all know, are the building blocks of society and Jagriti is determined to make them stronger. We believe women are very hardworking and brave when it comes to facing difficulties in life and Jagriti is just giving them that extra push/support to bring that change. Over the past 10 years, we have steadily grown to around 48% participation by women in our flagship rail yatra. This year we are determined to reach 50% mark for women participation.

A vision of Jagriti Yatra is to change lives of women in every village, support them, train them, provide much-needed resources and network:; create entrepreneurs in every household. ‘Jagriti Sakhi Udyogini’ a great initiative of Jagriti is to promote women as equal partners in our mission to ‘build India through enterprise’. Designed as a day-long mentorship workshop, it allows aspiring women leaders from Jagriti alumni network to interact with mentors and experts and learn tools for building enterprises. Proud to be a part of the Google for Entrepreneurs’ challenge, we are one of the forty start-up communities taking new approaches to increase the representation of women in our community.

“Inspire. And get inspired. Change. And lead change in others. Learn. And share your life’s lessons. Build and help build India through Enterprise”

Another initiative started by our Yatri called ‘Why not Women’ during 2014 yatra. “The Why Not Women project was inspiring! Our yatris  Mathilde and Berengere resolve to enhance lives of women entrepreneurs around the world. They bring with them a world of passion and bouts of energy to change the way the world works. Their perspectives on the world economy, mass migration and governance from a western point of view stirred refreshing and interesting discussions on the yatra.

After effects of Yatra:, women experience significant empowerment, feeling more confident about their social and managerial abilities after the journey. Also, their abilities for risk propensity, social boldness and creativity are enhanced.The ignited spark of rebellion to refrain from accepting the existing poor state of Tier 2 and tier 3 districts and taking an initiative of change through feasible and sustainable solutions has been one of the many outcomes in the form of a visible difference after the yatra.

Let’s hear it from some of our Women yatri’s and see how Jagriti Yatra changed their lives:

Aditya Valli 2k16 yatri “Before yatra I was inclined to do something in Health and Sanitation of Women, Jagriti yatra pushed me to make it happen. From the fellow yatris, I learned how to start an organization from scratch and even after 1 year I look up to those friends whenever I need any help. My venture on Menstrual Health is about to launch and I can’t thank JY enough for all the guidance.”

Prasanna Kapoor, 2k13 yatri, is working on building tourism through art and culture through her family run venture “The Buransh – a Himalaya study centre & retreat” in Kausani, Uttarakhand. Her association with Jagriti yatra supported her in developing skills in furthering her entrepreneurial mindset and competencies.

Krati Gahlot ,2k16 yatri . hail from Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

“I would not say it has transformed my life but ever since then every day has been a learning experience as the inspirational stories of Yatris keep showing up even after the yatra ends.  My biggest learning from the Yatra is that determination, hard work, integrity and a passionate team is what you need to succeed as is evident to the success of JY. I would like to continue my association with the yatra to keep on learning from this unique movement.

Like Aditya, Prasanna and Krati, JY has inspired hundreds of Women to come forward and live their dream life.