Nikhil aboard the Jagriti Express

Ideation, self-realisation, traveling, knowing about one’s country up close and much more figure among the motivations that bring Yatri’s onboard this Jagriti yatra. While the reasons for joining this journey may be varied, there is one underlying theme uniting them all, the burning desire ‘To make a difference’.

The participants, like many others, may be at crossroads in their lives, struggling to figure out the channels to achieve success in their lifetime but what success means to them uniquely positions them in that ‘crazy’, ‘outliers’ pool who are stupid but bold enough to have the conviction that what all can be imagined is achievable. Dreams for them are not something one experiences with eyes closed, they dream in broad daylight while working towards their realisation. Impossible to them means ‘I am possible’ and hard work is their second nature like the role models they meet. You may term them foolish but can’t ignore the wisdom of their dreams, you may find them young but can’t ignore the maturity of their thought process, you may be eager to sideline them as an eccentric breed but can’t ignore their centerpiece vision. This is what makes this journey special, this is what makes it unparallel.
The one of its kind melting pot of cultures, purpose, vision, and learning give this yatra an enviable pedestal. The carefully handpicked role models give the fantastic participants a sneak into the real world. While Aravind Eye Care organisation in Madurai teaches you to find the joy of doing something beautiful in life, the Kalkeri Sangeet Mahavidhyala in Dharwar puts you in front of Adam Woodsworth from UK whose excellent work in liberal arts and education space in the region teaches you that countries and borders are irrelevant when it comes to serving humanity. Sri City in Nellore teaches you to dream big and scale while Mr. Osama Manzar taught to go out there in the world without the fear of failure. With thoughts like “Youth are not useless, but used less” and “Entrepreneurship is not cool but one that begets sacrifices and effort of the highest order”, you can’t help but feel inspired and humbled at the same time.

With the second half of the Yatra yet to play out, packed with enthralling lineup and participants infused with energy and optimism, I cannot imagine a better way to bid adieu to 2016, traveling, exploring, learning on a moving workstation called the “Jagriti express”.

Nikhil currently resides in Delhi. He is 25 years old and has done his Bachelor’s from Delhi Technological University. He worked with J.P. Morgan in Mumbai before moving to the World Bank Group in Delhi where he works presently. He came to know about the Yatra from his brother who recommended it as a “must do thing in life”.