This architect from IIT-KGP helps make fun play areas for kids out of used tyres!

But wait. Listen, watch, enjoy. Let them play. And just be ready to help them take their next step. Don’t interrupt. Don’t insert yourself into their game without invitation. Please don’t say ‘oh what are you playing here?’ and totally disrupt a lovely moment. #bringbackplay

Pooja Rai, an architect from IIT-KGP quit her job as a product manager with Stayzilla to follow her passion of creating innovative, sustainable solutions using her technical background in architecture.

She, along with four other batchmates, started Anthill Creations, with the vision to mobilize communities by creating low-cost, sustainable play spaces from recycled tires & scrap. They transform spaces into creative areas for children. These play spaces are created for children of all age-groups, with a specific focus on early childhood learning.

Anthill created the first low-cost playground made of old tyres at the IIT Kharagpur campus. This was at the Disha Seema care centre in IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal. They built this playground for underprivileged kids & received assistance from Michelin tyres & college alumni. Contributions from batch mates and juniors made this DIY project a huge success.

“While in college, I worked closely with Disha Seema Center, which was a residential care centre for underprivileged children from surrounding villages.

There was always a dearth of resources, and while the Center was committed to delivering education to these children, my friends Nupur and Paul and I often discussed the lack of play space.

Luckily for us, during his internship, Paul had discovered the wonders of using upcycled tyres for construction during his internship. Our thoughts converged into a single solution — why not make a recycled tyre playground? It was totally D-I-Y, low-cost and a fun way to bring smiles into the lives of these children.”