The Best Gift is the Interactions

‘The best gift you will get is the interactions with the yatris’

Finally, the curtains are up! It is the day for the launch event of the amazing entrepreneurial event called Jagriti Yatra, simply translated as the ‘journey of awakening’. The annual train journey with 450+ brilliant young minds is about to start in a few hours and the preparations are in full swing. It is sleepless nights and hectic days for the core team as well as the supporting volunteers to make this journey a huge success in its eighth year also. The excitement is at its peak to welcome another set of talented youth, who has been selected as yatris, this year.

The training for the facilitators is a major event that happens every year on the day prior to the yatra. Facilitators, as the name puts it, acts as a bridge between the core team in charge of organising the event and the yatris. We have a group of amazing personalities who have proved their expertise in the area they work on as facilitators this year as well. They are selected after a rigorous screening process to ensure the commitment and ability to make the yatra the most inspiring entrepreneurial journey for the yatris.


The facilitators include people from diverse background representing urban, rural, and in-between segments. We have facilitators from 23 countries this year to experience the middle India on Jagriti Yatra Train. The minimum age is 27 for applying as a facilitator.

There are people from countries this time to explore the middle India and travel with the yatris in the train as facilitators. The core team members had a great interactive session during the workshop. Furthermore, they were given an awareness session about the safety measures to be taken in case of emergencies like fire break, terrorist attack, accidents, etc. by Colonel Kaizad Bhaya, a veteran officer, who is also the Train-in-Charge of the Jagriti Yatra.

Here is the take away tip from one of the ex-facilitators Pranjal Modi, who is associated with the organising team since he became a yatri, ‘the best gift the facilitators will get is the interaction between the yatris.’


  • Stay with this guys, you’re henplig a lot of people.