Jagriti Yata presents…The Biz Gyan Tree!

What’s an entrepreneur if not competitive? Always striving for that extra mile, driven by something nobody else can see.

And what’s an entrepreneurial journey without a good competition to get these 500+ entrepreneurs buzzing?

The Biz Gyan Tree is an annual business modelling exercise first started in 2009, where the yatris are divided into different verticals (or Key Focus Areas) as per their interests, and are made to create sustainable solutions to the challenges of rural India.

The focus is on the seven verticals, as mentioned below:

1. Agriculture

2. Healthcare

3. Education

4. Manufacturing

5. Energy

The Process

The process of BGT is divided into two phases: On the train, during the yatra, and second, residency program that begins post-yatra.

On the train, each group presents a business plan – which is feasible from a technical and financial point of view. This happens in a village called Barpar, near Deoria, where they make use of all resources available (which are admittedly scarce, hence teaching them resourcefulness) to present a sound business strategy that has been analyzed from every angle.

Their ideas are rigorously tested, and winners are handpicked for the residency program. The winners are invited back to Deoria and build a detailed business plan, as well as validate their assumptions.

This 2017…let the games begin!