Predict your PNR status

No more sweating when in waiting list, just use Trainman

Jagriti Yatra is a 15-day journey in a train that you end up thinking of as home; that leaves its 500+ tenants changed forever.

In fact, the Indian railways is used by 22 million passengers to travel across a 1,15,000-km network, every day.

To put it in perspective, 120+ countries in the world have their total population LESS than 22 million.

The railways’ website alone receives over 10L hits per minute.

And hundreds of thousands of these million passengers every day deal with a waiting list instead of a confirmed seat. How many times have you faced the same situation? Going home for Diwali vacation? Oops, waiting.

Important interview for a college?

Oops, waiting.

What do you do? What if it doesn’t get confirmed? Should I go ahead and try for a flight anyway? Or do I leave my fate up to chance? The problem that every second common man has to face on a daily basis.

Well, not anymore.

Vineet Kumar Chirania, a 2011 yatri has developed an app called Trainman that provides the intelligence to tell you the probability of your ticket getting confirmed. It is intelligence, combined with information. The app provides you everything you need about your train ticket – using your PNR number, it will tell you the average delays and coach positions, as well as any changes. It also uses a large dataset of the train itself with higher accuracy of prediction.

With daily visits of over two lakh, the startup is partnering with some other players to offer services such as food delivery and bookings.

And all of this started with another train journey, a trip called Jagriti Yatra.

Inspired by his colleague who took the Yatra in 2009 and came back a changed man, Vineet took a chance and signed up.

The idea sparked then. He was in a comfortable job, but his interactions with other entrepreneurs aboard the Yatra train shifted his perceptions about putting expertise to use. He describes it as a crash course MBA.

For him, the Yatra brought him face-to-face with problems of different strata of society. In Patna, he learnt the value of sustainability, while in Rajasthan, Bunkar Roy(Barefoot College) taught him about empowering the common man. The most important part, however, was learning not to take people – and their stories – for granted. The lessons that he learnt whilst on Jagriti Yatra, paved the path to Trainman.

Here’s to your story, Vineet! May you create many more of them.

Unsure about your ticket confirmation, don’t sweat, just visit or download the application your application store(available for all the mobile platforms).

– Written by Shriya Garg

  • Nikhil Singhania

    Great to knew that the idea sparked in Yatra.Trainman is so useful and necessary app .
    Thank you Mr.Vineet for such a facility.
    Wish you Good luck for your future.