Jagriti taught us the lesson of collaboration

Anmol Agarwal Yatri-2015
Anmol Agarwal, Yatri-2015

One of the greatest and vital experiential learning that was witnessed in JY15 is the importance and relevance of collaboration in life. Be it collaboration of rural people for developmental activities via Goonj or be it public private partnership at Akshaypatra. Jagriti emphasizes on the importance of team work by making 450+ yatris come together on a platform to work together and create an innovative ideology. It was very pleasing to see ‘yatris’ from diverse background across the globe  coming up together with crazy and innovative ideas. This has certainly fared well to the aim and objectives of JY as a lot of bonding actually took place and running well post Yatra too. Collaboration is the amalgamation of two different ideas, prospects, products and also it gives rise to a separate and a distinct unique ideology . It aims to strengthen the positive aspect of a person and also eliminates the negative aspect of it via synergy. An effective collaboration always leads to a win win situation but a competition may not constitute to an evolution or transformation of an idea or a person. Collaboration also provides a sense of stability and confidence to the people. Competition provides a sense of insecurity and instability to the people and organization as a whole. Competition has been instrumental in providing better and effective quality to people and also enhanced results. However it cannot match the advantages of collaboration of providing unity, diversity and integrity in the society.

 – Anmol Agarwal

Yatri -2015