Melange of inspiration, enlightenment and empowerment

The eighth edition of Jagriti Yatra is reaching towards its conclusion. However, the eleventh destination for role model visit includes a combination of takeaways for the yatris. Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan, needs no introduction, and Bunker Roy, the individual behind this innovative and successful business model, has been acclaimed as one of the most influential personalities in the world.

Changing the rural world is no easy task. A study on Bunker Roy and Barefoot College reveals how a person of unique vision can transform the lives of thousands in a village. It is indeed an incredible example of how a person’s dream can make people belonging to rural communities self-sufficient and sustainable. Apart from it, the mission of Barefoot College lies in the belief that empowering women opens door to sustainable development, and that makes it exceptional for last 40 years of functioning in this shady area of Rajasthan.

To realise the impact of Barefoot College, one should pay a visit to Tilonia, and that is why yatris find this day as gifted one. They got the opportunity to visit schools, manufacturing units etc in the village apart from interacting with teachers, students, volunteers during the morning session in Tilonia. Afternoon, yatris had an interactive session with Bunker Roy, in which he shared a few gems of inspiration.