To experience rural India, to understand Gram Vikas

Destination 6 : Gram Vikas, Ganjam, Odisha

It is the last day of 2015, and it is the seventh day of Jagriti Yatra. For the yatris, it is the day to visit the village near Berhampur, a city near Bhubaneswar in Odisha.

The goal is to visit Gram Vikas, the brainchild of Joe Madiath, an organisation started almost thirty years old. The founder himself believed in bringing about sustainable improvement in the quality of life and marginalised rural communities in and around Orissa.

Gram Vikas currently serves more than 250000 people in 701 habitations of 21 districts in Orissa. It is a perfect example of how a person’s passion and perseverance can change the life of thousands. On the visit, Joe Madiath was keen on sharing the challenges and opportunities he faced during the ongoing journey with the yatris. It was enlightening and inspiring for the yatris to roam around the village, involve with the school children and enjoy the serenity of Gram Vikas.