‘Revolution should be evergreen’

Destination 4: M S Swaminathan Foundation, Chennai

‘The talk over green revolution is ending. Now it is time for evergreen revolution.’ As goes the message from the father of green revolution, M S Swaminathan. The fourth destination of Jagriti Yatra, on its sixth day, was at M S Swaminthan Research Foundation, Chennai, during when the founder himself gave a lecture on agriculture revolution.

His message for the yatris goes as, ‘Jagriti Yatra is a wonderful idea, as you get the glimpse of India, the diversity and pluralism, and the pluralism is the strength of India. Diversity of people, languages, cuisines; we must nurture it, protect it, promote it. Make the best of everyday you have left on the yatra.’

Yatris had a great opportunity to visit the institution dedicated to research on sustainable agriculture and rural development. It was started in 1988 with an aim to accelerate use of modern science for agricultural and rural development for development and dissemination of technology to improve the lives and livelihoods of tribal and rural communities.

Yatris who have selected agriculture as their vertical of interest had an unforgettable day spending on the premises of the research institution. The speech was enlightening as well.

The yatra has crossed over five destinations by now, and the excitement of yatris is not setting down and that makes Jagriti Yatra the journey of life time.