Focus on healthcare on third role model visit

Destination 3: Arvind Eye Care, Madurai

The importance of health care can never be minimised on any conditions and in a developing country like India the government cannot alone meet the health care needs of its people, given its growing population, income status and inadequate infrastructure. That is why entrepreneurial ventures in healthcare sector is really a need of the hour.

Dr. Venkataswamy, founder of Arvind Eye Care, wishes to establish an alternate health care model that could supplement the efforts of the government and also be self supporting. The third destination of Jagriti Yatra 2015 focused on the health care sector, and yatris spent a day analysing and understanding Arvind Eye Care and AuroLab.

Situated in the temple city of Madurai, Arvind Eyecare has become the final word for best eye care treatment for almost four decades now. Aurolab, started in 1991, is a pioneer in the production of high quality ophthalmic consumables at affordable prices to developing countries.

A visit to Arvind eye care and the interaction with the founder made the third role model visit of Jagriti Yatra wonderful and inspiring.